Late Night Bar London

Late Night Bar London

What Can You Experience at Our Late-Night Bar in London?


Birthday Pancakes, Pancake & Burger Challenges and Bottomless Boozy Brunches Await You!


Are you ready for a late-night bar experience in London like no other? Look no further than Polo Bar, where we offer an amazing array of mouth-watering treats and challenges, perfect for any celebration or just a fun night out with friends. Our menu is packed with delicious options, from epic birthday pancake stacks to indulgent burger towers and an unbeatable bottomless boozy brunch available 24/7.


Birthday Pancakes: A Tower of Deliciousness


Forget traditional birthday cakes – Polo Bar has you covered with our £15 Birthday Pancake Stack, served all day, every day. This epic treat consists of five fluffy vanilla pancakes, generously layered with softly whipped vanilla cream and fresh fruit. Topped with colourful sprinkles and a dazzling fizzy sparkler, this pancake tower is the ultimate birthday indulgence. And, of course, we'll also include a slice of birthday cake on the side to make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special.


birthday pancake stack

Polo Bar Pancake Stack Challenge: Can You Handle It?


Do you have what it takes to conquer our Pancake Stack Challenge? For £35, you'll face a towering stack of 12 fluffy pancakes, available in three delectable flavours:

- Royal (signature dish) – Forest berries, vanilla cream, and fruit coulis

- Oreo Cookies and Cream – Oreo, vanilla cream, and chocolate sauce

- Lotus Banoffee – Lotus biscuits, toffee, vanilla cream, and banana


    Finish the stack in under 15 minutes, and not only will it be on the house, but you'll also receive a complimentary bottle of Prosecco. Remember to pre-book, as this challenge is not for the faint-hearted!




    Polo Bar Burger Tower Stack Challenge: An Epic Feast Awaits


    Are you ready to take on our £50 Burger Stack Challenge? Five homemade steak burgers, each paired with cheese, BBQ mayo, and caramelised red onions, are sandwiched between fresh sesame brioche buns. This colossal stack sits on a bed of chips and onion rings, daring you to conquer it in under 15 minutes. Success means a free meal and a bottle of our finest Prosecco to wash it all down. Customize your stack with chicken or beef, or choose a vegetarian option. Pre-booking is essential for this challenge!


    Famous Bottomless Boozy Brunch: The Ultimate Brunch Experience


    At Polo Bar, we believe that every hour is brunch hour. That's why we offer our Famous Bottomless Boozy Brunch for £35 per person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Indulge in a delicious two-course brunch menu, featuring our award-winning pancakes and your choice of Polo Bar English Breakfast Special, Cheese Burger with Chips, or Full Vegetarian Breakfast (v). To top it off, enjoy bottomless Prosecco or Camden Hells Lager alongside your meal.


    So, join us at Polo Bar for a late-night experience you won't forget! Whether it's a birthday celebration, a daring challenge, or a luxurious brunch, we've got you covered. 


    We're proud to be one of the very few places in London who has a 24-hour alcohol licence, so the fun never stops! Book your table today via Dojo.

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